Your bladder is unremarkable.

Posted by Adam

We were sitting around the kitchen table when I snapped this little gem.

That would be my grandma drinking wine out of a sippy cup with a crazy straw. It’s not every night that we (mom, me, aunt and grandma) gather around the kitchen table to reminisce about childhood nicknames, unremarkable bladders and jejunums. Today was different because my grandma only had about two hours of sleep last night and spent nearly 12 in the emergency room. My grandpa, who was recently told he had pancreatitis was brought in to the ER this morning after getting really sick last night.

He is currently being held in an isolation room because they believe he could be fighting an infection that may or may not be airborne. However they show little concern over the fact that my grandma and I have been living with him. If I die, Jamie gets my blog. Anyway, my grandpa is in good spirits and will be going through some more tests tomorrow to figure out what is wrong with him.

They’ve ruled out pancreatitis and something with his colon. However, as of this evening I guess the colon may be back in the game. My grandma brought home a written report of the test results from today. It mentioned that his intestines were filled with fluid in some areas, which isn’t good. The report also mentioned that his bladder was unremarkable.

When you have four women who are all exhausted, a bit giddy and a bit drunk (I’m looking at you grandma!) the more hilarious everyday words become. So you can imagine how hard we laughed at that statement, “Bladder is unremarkable.” I think our hour-long chit-chat session around the table was exactly what I needed. I accomplished zero studying and homework, but that’s okay. Family is more important. I’m nervous for what tomorrow may bring. I’m nervous about failing another test, but I’m more nervous about my grandpa failing his. Fingers crossed that the doctors figure out what’s wrong and it’s treatable.

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