Why do I always make a funny face on roller coasters?

Posted by Jessye

It’s so hard returning to Chicago when there’s snow on the ground. I was only gone for a couple days, but I was definitely spoiled with sunshine and 80-degree weather. I’ll let this little mix up slip, Chicago, but you better man up soon. It’s spring!

Florida was fantastic; it warmed my little emo heart. Turns out I’m not too cynical or depressed to enjoy Disney World. Who’da thunk it?! (I’m very much joking here.) Disney World was fun, but I definitely had a much better time at Universal Studios. I appreciate the magic and memories Disney provides, but I loved the rides at Universal.

I wish I could have spent more than a day at those parks. I would have known every flip, turn and loop on every roller coaster. Okay, maybe not, but I’d definitely know where the camera was so I wouldn’t look like a jackass when it takes my picture. Needless to say I didn’t purchase any of those photos 🙂

I also had the pleasure of meeting a couple bloggers for dinner: Lauren and Alexis (Sorry! I can’t remember your blog name!) It was awesome meeting you ladies! We were also joined by my best friend Dan-o and his girlfriend. We had a good dinner accompanied by low-budget Spanish music videos and a fire alarm. Good times.

I’m happy to be back in Chicago. I’ve missed my bed. I hope everyone else had a fun-filled weekend.

P.S. Is it impossible to grow a palm tree in Chicago? Not that I’m considering it or anything…

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