When I let you closer, I only want you closer

Posted by Adam

I will never understand why ex significant others decide to pop up randomly in my life. Especially the ones who I explicitly asked not to contact me. Broken hearts need healing and when random emails and texts show up, you bring me right back to where I was.

When someone lets me go, and they didn’t fight for me, they’ve given up the right to contact me. Don’t change your mind four months down the road and decide that you’re ready to be in my life again. Maybe I’m not ready. Maybe I’m still healing. So when you pop up and seem genuinely interested in my life, I might just take that the wrong way and think that you’ve finally woken up and realized the huge mistake you made when you let me go.

Then it’s like a huge slap in the face when the communication stops. Here I am thinking it’s different, and then BAM! Same old shit all over again. The wounds are reopened, the heart starts cracking and I’m right back at square one wondering what the hell it is that I did wrong.

And it’s not me. I’m awesome and I think that fact is well supported in these posts. But now I have to work on piecing together parts of my life while removing you from each one without the closure I need.

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