What You Focus On Increases

Posted by Adam

ou’ve heard it all before. I’m not giving you some groundbreaking, innovative idea here.

What I want to share with you though, is that it’s true. What you focus on increases.

This is the first blog that I’ve posted here on in over a week. I’ve been giving my focus and attention to my other company Socialcruiting. Socialcruiting helps real estate brokerages with recruiting Realtors using social media.

I continued to work with all my real estate coaching clients, but I didn’t create any content or do any business development for I gave my focus and attention to Socialcruiting instead.

My proof that what you focus on increases
I created a 30 minute video blueprint for my Recruiting with Social Media Strategy and released it last week. With that, I created 4 new blog posts, with a call to action to download the Recruiting Realtors Blueprint.

This traffic, with my landing page converted 19 visitors into leads.

Now, that I have 19 new leads I will start the lead nurturing process. Time for the second part of the conversion process, converting the leads into clients.

So, what are you focused on in your business?

Are you focused on lack of time?

Are you focused on lack of business?

Remember, what you focus on increases.

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