What a flippin’ day!

Posted by Adam

When I wasn’t bouncing around between classes, I was working. I managed to creep myself out by researching some spooky ghost stories for the Chicago’s Most Haunted guide I wrote. Seriously, having a school right next store to a haunted landmark is no fun.

I found out that in addition to the 8-page lab report I have to write this week I have to create some charts and what not for a pre-lab. That’s for the extra work teach!

After school I had to go bed shopping with my mom. But why? I already bought a bed didn’t I? Yes, I did. However Sears has way too high of interest rates and we decided to go with another store. The salesman was pretty craptastic. He kept talking to my mom, referring to me as “she,” as if I wasn’t there.

Um, hello. I’m the 24-year-old who’s buying a bed, not her. Talk to me or at least look at me. Anyway, it ended up costing more than I wanted to spend, but whatever. Hopefully I made the right decision. I guess it’s great because I was approved to finance a bed. Apparently it’s easier to buy a car than a mattress. Winner.

Tomorrow my grandpa is getting an angioplasty. If all goes well he’ll only be in the hospital for a day or two. If his veins are too weak, he’ll go into full blown surgery and will in there for 7-10 days. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

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