Ugh there’s so much cat hair on my bed

Posted by Adam

There is a lack of a vlog today because last night, I was doing something much more important. And by important, I mean insane. I had my dad and his girlfriend over for dinner. Originally I invited only my dad, but two hours before dinner, I found out his girlfriend would be joining us. I was less than enthused.

I haven’t talked to or seen my dad in over a month, possibly two. Thanksgiving was really the first real conversation we’ve had in months. After borrowing money from me and stealing my bed, I wasn’t the biggest fan of him. But still, I worried about him. I found out he had been in the hospital and diagnosed with emphysema – weeks after it happened. So naturally I was concerned and wanted to remain in touch with him.

I was excited about him coming over for dinner. It gave us a chance to catch up and not fight about the money he owed me. But of course, the girlfriend coming along hindered my excitement. We don’t really mesh well. She’s trying to be a step mother, but I don’t trust her. There’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way. So dinner last night was a little nerve-wracking.

A bottle of wine and a Bears game later, they were on their way home and I was preparing myself for a hang over. My alarm came and went and I am still in bed – missing my first class of the day. Real smart, right? At least this gives me a chance to feel more prepared for my meeting with my TA this afternoon. I turned in a paper late and she told me she couldn’t guarantee that she’d grade it. I really hope she did because I put a shit load of work into that thing. So fingers are crossed!

I hope you all have a great Monday. The next two weeks are going to be insane (finals, blogger events and work), but I’m hoping to focus more on my blogs soon. I haven’t forgotten about any of you!

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