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Time Is A Horrible Metric To Measure Success And Productivity

Posted by Adam

Unless you bill by the hour…time is a horrible metric to success and productivity. Please stop measuring your production in hours worked.

People brag about hours worked as if it is something to be proud of.

I remember reading about General Powell speaking about time spent on work, in the book Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell

“I am 63 going on 64. I don’t have to prove to anybody that I can work 16 hours a day if I can get it done in 8.” “anyone logging hours to impress me you are wasting your time.”

Time is a precious resource.

Yet people brag about how much they spend working. What if people talked about money, the way they brag about spending time at work?

“I spend $10,000 every day” or “I spend $53,000 every week.”

Sound ridiculous right?

Change your perspective and start to focus on output and results.

This is a reason that smart real estate agents hire me to coach them on productivity, technology, social media and sales.

Sure, they could spend hours trying to figure things out on their own, doing the research, trial and error. And many real estate agents by spending these hours, doing these things consider this “work”. And will proudly state, “I work 12-14 hours a day.”

But whats the output? What is the result and return that you have to show for it?

Was it the best way for you to spend your time?

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