This is going to be a busy week

Posted by Adam

I really dislike coming off the high of a great weekend. Sunday evening really seems to yank me out of the utopian bubble I’ve been floating in. I felt like I was scrambling all afternoon to get things done that weren’t even on my to-do list. It was one distraction after another. Even this blog post is a distraction! As I attempt to get things done and plan out my week, I notice more and more little things I need to add to that to-do list. Here’s what it’s shaping up to be:

– Bio pre-lab
– Shop for a new bed (returning the one I just bought; long story)
– Start and complete an 8-page bio lab report.
– Study for Chemistry quiz on Friday morning.
– Memorize all attachment points for muscles of the forearm, back and chest.
– Doctor’s appointment
– Dinner with aunt
– Chem tutoring session
– Write six posts for Guidespot
– PACK!!! I move on Saturday!
– Figure out what the hell I need to do to prepare for the move (change of address, Comcast, keys, etc.)
– Snug with the man friend
– Not fail at school or work
– Find Halloween costume
– Pay bills
– Continue chasing dad

I should be tweaking and working on some freelance right now, but not having a set schedule or some type of organization is really bugging me right now. Can’t I go back to Saturday?

Good luck this week folks. I’ll try to be around as much as possible. My reader will be tackled at some point, promise!

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