The Valentine’s Day That Could

Posted by Kara

As the bringer of all things doom on Valentine’s Day, I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m not doing much celebrating this year. My boyfriend is probably thankful for that. Did you know that guys have their own day? It’s March 14th, Steak & Bj Day. Thinking twice about buying your girl some flowers now huh? 🙂

Yesterday I shared my two craptastic Valentine’s Day stories with you all. Onto the good! I’ve had two pretty good ones, though it’s funny nobody was actually near me to celebrate it. No doom!


First one was when I was away at school at WIU. Now I know this will be hard to believe, but I was in a long-distance relationships then. I know. Shocker. John was actually visiting me that weekend. We had mutual friends. Anyway, Roger was living in Salt Lake City. Long distance was pretty new to me then so I wasn’t very keen on picking up and running off for the weekend.

I couldn’t afford to anyway. So I spent V-day in my sorority house watching all the girls swoon and woo over their fraternity boyfriends. I really thought I might puke. If it wasn’t for John and his Family Guy DVDs I might have. Anyway, I received a letter from the post office teling me I missed a delivery and I could pick up my package. Unfortunately, it was Saturday and the post office was closed. I would have to wait until after class on Monday.

I get my package and inside of the box were 12 almost dead roses. The idea was very sweet but those who know me know that I’m not a huge fan of roses…especially dead ones. But the fact that he bought them and mailed them was sweet. I don’t think he knew about online flower delivery services haha! Inside the petals of each rose was a tiny slip of paper with a sentence and a number on it. Once I had all 12 in order, the sentences formed a poem – a horribly cheesy poem which later turned out to be a lie – but it was sweet at the time 🙂


And the last good V-day I had was last year. Once again I was in a long distance relationship with the current boyfriend. I was upset because I couldn’t see him, but I was even more annoye because he was in Iceland and I wouldn’t even get to talk to him. At this point in our relationship we were still fairly new and his Iceland trips were just beginning. I was having a hard time adjusting (and still am!)

A couple days before V-day I went on one of my infamous rants about how I hate V-day, it’s stupid, men suck, I hate happy couples who are in the same state, yada yada… I told you I was bitter. My best friend Dan-o must have read that post because on V-day there was a lovely green and brown box from ProFlowers waiting for me at home. He had sent me a lovely bouquet wishing me a Happy Victor Day.


So there you have it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately for me it seems if I celebrate V-day with someone, they either get hurt or someone dies. It seems that long distance really is the way to go when it comes to this particular holiday. I have pretty low expectations this year, if any at all. It’s nice to get flowers but I wouldn’t want a “holiday” to prompt my boyfriend into showing he cares. Things are a bit rocky on the romantic front here in Jennville, so I’ll settle for a stress-free conversation and a little hope.

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