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I read a lot. I haven’t read a fiction book in a long time, but I still read a lot of non-fiction, especially business books.

Recently, I read Ignore Everybody, by well-known marketer/blogger Hugh MacLeod (you can order it here). I first came across Hugh’s work when I first started blogging. He has an awesome blog called Gapingvoid, where he muses about all kinds of things, and shares his “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards.” I’ve never met Hugh in person, but he seems like a cool dude.

Ignore Everybody is Hugh’s first book. It is, hands down, the best business book I’ve read in a LONG time, perhaps ever. Granted, I call it a business book only loosely. The real subject of the book is creativity and how to release and nurture it.

Hugh’s book inspired me. It inspired me in a way that a book hasn’t inspired me in a long time. So now, it’s time to turn that inspiration into motivation into ACTION.

That’s what I’m going to do right here at, take some action.

What does this mean?
Honestly, I’m not totally sure, but that is the fun part. I do know that this site is my house, my little corner of the universe where I can share my thoughts and feelings with others, in the hope that I can help them with something.

I’ll be posting more frequently, and I’ll be posting about the things that interest me. I’ll try to address things as creatively as possible. My goal is to use my little corner of the universe to inspire and help others reach their goals, be they personal, professional, or otherwise. I guess that is the first component of my very own, as-yet undetermined evil plan. 🙂

It might be a bit frenetic from time to time, since I don’t really know exactly where I am going, but I can promise that it will never get dull. I guess that is what it means to become a crazy, deranged fool.

Thanks, Hugh. I owe you a beer, or something.

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