Stupid questions

Posted by Adam

You know when you say “I have a stupid question,” and the person you tell that to says, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Well, that person is a moron. There is such a thing as a stupid question.

Why, when I have a band-aid on my finger, does someone always have to ask what happened? I’d understand if I had gauze wrapped around my entire arm, but it’s a tiny band-aid. At most my paper got angry and cut me. Trust me, there’s no interesting story behind this. A shark didn’t pop out of my purse or anything.

I’m starting to think up clever stories to explain the reason for wearing a band-aid around my thumb. The usual “paper cut” or “I bit it” doesn’t suffice anymore. People walk away disappointed. That’s what you get for asking me a stupid question!

Today I’m sporting a band-aid. What happened? I got nervous and I started attacking it with my teeth. But nobody wants to hear that. So instead today I will be telling people that I punched Katy Perry in the face because her song “Hot and Cold” was driving me bonkers.

I welcome other excuses in the comments.

What questions really grind your gears?

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