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Social Media for association executives

Posted by Adam

Association executives face challenges that just don’t exist for the individual who uses social media. They have to consider the wants and needs of an entire group of individuals. They have to consider who will manage the social media efforts, and include input from many people. It can be tough, but it can be done successfully.

The one thing that I wanted to make clear during my presenation was a lesson that applies equally to associaitons and organizations as it does to individuals– social media requires a plan in order for you to have success with it. As I said in the presentation, social media is a tactic; it won’t work without a strategy.

If you are an individual who wants to use social media to connect with friends and family or grow a business, you need to have a plan for what social media tools you will use, and how you will use them. The same goes for organizations and associations who are trying to incorporate social media into their member and public relations. Having a plan and goals in place for how social media is to be used is the first step to having success.

Judging by the excellent questions I received from the audience, I think that my message came across loud and clear. I hope that the association executives who heard my message will be able to put it into practice and reach not only the goals of their respective associations, but of their members as well.

If you want, you can take a look at the slide deck from my presentation. I live-streamed the presentation, but neglected to record it (d’oh!):

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