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Posted by Jessye

I thought I could be one of those cool hipsters who live without a desk. I own a MacBook so I thought I’d get away with using my lap, the dining room table or the tiny laptop stand I bought at Ikea. While all three of those are okay, it doesn’t allow for very much space or organization.

My room doesn’t allot for much organization. It’s quite small and I refuse to negotiate on the size of my bed. It’s only a full so it’s not like it’s mega huge or anything. I really take advantage of the ability to roll over though. I’m limited because a closet and windows take up two out of the four walls in my room. I need a desk! Nothing fancy. I don’t require shelves, drawers or magical robots. I want this:

So, dear readers of my blog, let’s make it happen. You buy the desk, put it together and figure out a way to make it fit in my room. Sound good? No? Well fine. How about you just tell me how you stay organized in a small space?

How do you keep an organized workspace when you have little space to work with? Do you have any tips that can help minimize the clutter?

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