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Keep Reaching For The Goal

Posted by Adam

The initial high, from when first started set your goals and resolutions, might be beginning to fade. You natural energy level is starting to replace the excitement phase of starting the new year, starting new goals and starting new projects.

How do you keep your energy high and your focus sharp?
What I share with people, wither its is at a speaking gig or a coaching client is,

Goals are what we “WANT” to do. Strategies and ideas are “HOW” we will do it. And knowing “Why” will insure we do.

To me these are not separate things. Goals, strategies and “Why” can’t stand alone from each either. They must blend, be in alignment and be congruent with each other.

Think of it like taking a road trip.

You pick out your destination. That is you goal. That is your WANT.

How will you get to that destination now? Will you use a car, a train, a bus, a plane, a bike? Will you plan your trip with a map or use a GPS? That is your HOW. Your strategy and idea.

The WHY is the fuel in the tank or the ticket for the train, bus or plane. It is the energy to pedal the bike. Without the fuel, or the ticket, or the energy, all the goal setting and map routing in the world won’t get you there.

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