If I Only Had a Hammer… Time to Bring in the Nail Gun!

Posted by Adam

Over the course of this past month I’ve sat down every day with the intention of creating a new piece of information to help real estate investors and small business owners alike get a grip on their marketing.  However, truth be told there are two factors working against me that have forced me to reconsider the direction of this blog…

To be quite frank, there is a phenomenal amount of quality content out there already.  It takes me about 4 hours to put together a tutorial post and I’ve come to find that if I look hard enough I can usually find the same information.  If the information is already out there, those 4 hours are really being poorly invested considering the internet doesn’t need anymore iterations of the same content.  This is the rock I’m adjacent to so you know there’s a hard place somewhere close by…Oh here it is…  TIME is the hard place!

At heart I’m an operations/enterprise kind of guy so I’m sure I obsess more about time, but that’s because I’m always in pursuit of MORE TIME.  Between revving up my real estate investing operations for the spring thaw and developing a marketing agency I’m only left with enough time to read, learn, and grow.  Between this rock and hard place I’ve realized that there is a win-win lurking and here it comes!  New Direction, Same Timeless Value

In a given day I would reckon that I spend about 4 hours learning, reading, and failing forward through step-by-step tutorials which rounds out to about 25 resources a day.  Maybe it’s because I was using a computer before I could walk or just luck, but I seem to have a phenomenal knack for finding the greatest content.  Anyone that knows me will testify that I have some fairly brutal standards and hold a special reserve of venom for bad content, so I’m fully behind the quality of what’s already out there.

At this point rest assured that any content you could be looking for already exists somewhere, so when it comes to me blogging from scratch what value would I really be adding?  Not as much as is perceived oddly enough…

So here’s the excuse I’m running with here…  Creating content from Scratch > Time consuming, actual value added is low > Content already exists anyways > Time is at a premium > But Investors and Small Business Owners alike all still stand to gain from organized  content under a entrepreneurial context.  Hmm…

So Here’s the Plan

Instead of writing rehashed content from scratch, I’m going to use the time I spend educating myself to showcase other resources.  In that showcase I’ll provide my take, offer context where context is due (i.e. Pointing out something important that applies to restaurant marketing or real estate investing) because in my time as a internet professional I’ve had the opportunity to understand all sorts of businesses.

So these I will be writing up as posts, but I’m not giving up on my “guides” approach.  I believe after a disciplined month of posting resources that the organization efforts by putting order to phenomenal content from around the web in thoughtful way will be incredibly helpful to all.  It’s hard to figure out where to start when you don’t even know what you don’t know…  nobody is immune to that predicament.

I think a comment driven environment would benefit everyone given the approach that I have in mind.  I say that because a lot of the material that I showcase will focus on the how-to aspects of things and not so much the context or considerations you’ll want to know moving forward.  This is my value comes in because I’m bridging the gap between the technical how-to’s and the business professional.

I’ll be giving it a go starting today, so here’s hoping!  Below here is just some extra behind the scenes logic.

When you distill everything about this blog down, the real value being offered is my perspective.

  1. Steps and concepts are fairly standard.
  2. Best practices for those who want the edge are constantly changing.
  3. Best practices age into standard concepts and steps.

There aren’t a lot of people that can talk about SEO, REO’s, and ROI for 48 hours straight each and I practically lead a double life as a real estate investor and the founder of a web design and marketing agency.  That duo creates a 3 piece reality of small business, real estate, investing, and technical internet marketing ‘stuff’ which are 3 incredibly valuable gaps to bridge!

note: If you think my added value is lacking, just call me on it and tell me where I missed the mark and we’ll all be better for it.

Business, design, and internet marketing are what I love to do and fortunately they do a great job of keeping food on the table and the heat on, but real estate investing is my number one priority so to all you other investors out there, you’re in luck (…and I know you have questions)!

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