I came, I saw, I conquered?

Posted by Jessye

Last night was a bit insane. I think bit is a bit of an understatement.

It was definitely not what I expected; it was much less formal. It was a small room full of men, drinking, laughing and networking. There were no mics and presenters basically stood in the middle of a night club with the lights on and tried to give a great speech.

I lucked out and didn’t have to go first. The entire time the first presenter was up there I was looking at Jamie in horror. I didn’t have humor. I didn’t have a loud voice. I didn’t have a clue as to what I was going to say! I’m a ma-logger! (Massage therapist + blogger) (Thanks Josh!) I got up in front of a loud group and, sans powerpoint, gave my “presentation.”

It was loud. I forgot what I wanted to say. I think I even told people to shut up. I was frazzled, nervous and even with my loud voice I was too quiet. And some how…it all worked out. People came up to Jamie and I all night. Even as we tried to leave we got stopped four times on the way to the door. It was great! I feel bad that nobody heard me, but hopefully I get another chance at an event with a mic. I’ll kick ass.

If I could be thrown into a less-than-ideal situation for my first presentation, just imagine what the next one will look like! It will be awesome.

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