I bet you didn’t know that…

Posted by Adam

– I sing along with Dashboard Confessional, Tom Petty and Frou Frou in the car.

– I have a big fear of toilets. I put toilet paper down on the seats in my own house! Knowing that someone other than myself is using them creeps me out. Occasionally I’m afraid that I will open the lid and it will be full of bees. Thank you very much Candyman.

– I’m afraid of my basement. Whenever it’s time to go back upstairs I switch off the lights and run as if something is chasing me. I squeeze my eyes shut and hope I don’t miss a step. I can’t look back. Looking into the dark basement is the worse part. It’s not even a small fear. My heart races and my face gets red. This only happens at night though.

– I still have NO idea what I’m doing at any given time.

– I have two pairs of jeans and wear one of the two pairs on Fridays only.

– When I was in preschool and kindergarten, my mom had an impossible time getting me out of a dress and into a pair of pants. Now it’s the complete opposite. For my graduation from massage school I compromised and wore my rain boots with my dress so I could feel a bit more like “me.”

Tell me something I might not know about you.

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