How to get my attention

Posted by Adam

I’m definitely not as excited about school this time around. Last semester was really rough and I’m going into this one feeling a bit apathetic. A big reason for my disappointment is the quality of teachers they bring on board. I didn’t get to know a single professor last semester because the classes had 300+ and whenever spoken to, they’d direct me to a TA.

This semester I have pretty small (50-70) students and I can actually see AND hear my professors. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’d know that the chances of me getting an A in my psych class are pretty low. That’s right…I have a hot teacher. That A few out the window the minute the fog cleared my classes and I saw him. Ha!

But only one teacher has really managed to capture my heart. She’s an older woman; someone you wouldn’t expect to be so funny or tech-savvy. She started the class off with a bit of show-and-tell. She showed us her Blackberry, iPod Touch, and Acer. Holy hell I think I’m in love. She told us about her Mac at home and how she’s addicted to technology. Seriously…keep talking lady! Of course she followed that up by telling us we can’t use any of those in the classroom…but still!

She also mentioned that there are no tests, no homework, but…wait for this…we have assigned seats. Wait, what grade am I in? (Well technically I should be a third year senior :P) That takes away a few cool points, but the fact that she even knows how to work a Blackberry sends my heart a flutter!

My anatomy professor, well, I’ll always have a soft spot for her. She lets us play with brains (and other various organs.)

So what have we learned here? In order to capture, and keep, my attention, you have to

A) Be hot.
B) Love technology
C) Let me play with brains

Class over.

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