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Having A Certain Level Of Success With Levels Coaching

Posted by Adam

I have never been a huge fan of group coaching.

I have witnessed too many agents not succeed with it.

They pay their money, they show up for the first two weeks but then it becomes too easy to hide or not show up.

Group coaching tends to lack a key area of success, one of my 7 Focus Areas of a Productivity Junkie. That is accountability or what I prefer to call, awareness.

But, as grows and my inquiries to speak on real estate and productivity increase , I have had to figure out how to scale.

Going to the next level

I designed Levels Coaching out of sheer necessity, but also a desire to create a group coaching program that works.

It is a hybrid of On Demand and Live Group Coaching that I’m Beta testing right now. I don’t want to release something that doesn’t have results. I don’t want to release a product or service that is just based on theory or a what seems like a good idea.

It has to serve the agent, the client, to truly get better results directly related to what I’m selling them. What they are buying from me.

We are 3 weeks in to the Beta test on Level 12 Levels coaching and here are some of the results from this week, that the agents shared during the live call session:

  • Held an open house with 11 groups through
  • Picked up a new buyer, from sphere off of facebook
  • New buyer referral lead from a friend
  • New listing from past client, contact through facebook
  • 4 referrals generated
  • 2 new listings taken via referrals
  • Buyer closing from open house
  • 3 new listings, 2 from past clients
  • 10 past clients opted in to Market Snapshot report, from 150 emails sent

I am excited about these results and continuing to work with the agents in the program.

We seem to be having a certain level of success

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