Customers as a Content Stream

Posted by Adam

You’re the CEO of a small or mid-sized business. You’ve been listening to the buzz about Social Media. You have your Facebook Page all set up.

Now what?

You stare at the blank page trying to figure out why you only have 12 likes. Ten are your employees. The other two are you and your mom.

Creating and finding good content is a big challenge when you begin to delve into social media. You don’t want to be a shameless self-promoter or just post the same info everyone else does.

What you may not realize is that you have a treasure trove of ideas staring you right in the face! Your existing customers! Your Facebook page is a great place to promote not only yourself, but also your clients. Some of the items you should add are:

  • New Product/Service Announcements
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Articles featuring your Customer

Sit down with your clients and explain the benefits of collaborating on a Case Study of a recent project you’ve worked with them on. Just make sure you have their permission and approval before posting any possibly sensitive information.

Keep up to date on your past customers or clients and not only will you likely increase your business with them, but you’ll also access a steady stream of great content for your Facebook Page or blog!

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