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I forgot to line up some guest bloggers for this week. My bad! I’m spending a week in San Francisco for work so I haven’t had a chance to update my blog-a-roo.

I think I’m being stalked…by my cough. Last week I’m pretty sure we broke up. I said, “Cough, I don’t want to date you anymore. It’s definitely you, not me. Now go.” And it did, surprisingly. But now it’s back. It followed me all the way to SF! What would Mr. Jenn think if he knew I was being stalked?

Oh yeah, remember Mr. Jenn? There’s a new one (Mr. Jenn #2). No pictures this time, I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure there was a magical moment in my uterus when we met. He may or may not have unhooked my bra with his eyes. I just know he’s getting ready to profess his love to me via Twitter.

I tried oysters for the first time last night. We had dinner at Scoma’s, who apparently has the freshest seafood in San Francisco. I’m sure they’re lying, but it was pretty good. Not the oysters though. That was horrible and awesome at the same time.

While I absolutely love my new hair cut, the woman who gave it to me must love torturing people. I mean, layers. Really? I have to flip half my hair out while rolling the other half under. I used to pride myself on taking no more than 25 minutes to get ready, including a shower. Now I spend about 25 just trying to get the brush untangled from my hair. Thanks.

On that note, I should get back to searching for Mr. Jenn work. I hope everyone is having a great week!

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