Book Review: Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

Posted by Adam

Erik Qualman’s book, Socialnomics, dives into the relevancy of Social Media in both our personal and business lives. The point Qualman drives home throughout the book is that Social Media is here now, here to stay, and like the tagline of his book states: “Transforms the way we live and do business.”

Socialnomics is not a guidebook on how to create a social media strategy nor does it cover specific tools and technologies. Instead, it is filled with real-world examples and anecdotes from companies that have found success using social media, as well as those that tried and faltered or missed the boat entirely.

The content is structured into eight distinct chapters, including a helpful “key points” summary at the end of each chapter. Chapters include:

  1. Word of Mouth Goes World of Mouth
  2. Social Media = Preventative Behavior
  3. Braggadocian Behavior
  4. Obama’s Success Driven by Social Media
  5. I Care More About What My Neighbor Thinks Than What Google Thinks
  6. Death of Social Schizophrenia
  7. Winners and Losers in 140-Character World
  8. The Next Step For Companies and The “Glass House Generation”

The book explores the fact that we, the consumers, now wield the real power. By providing a platform to easily share our thoughts about products we are interested or critical of, and ultimately influence the purchase decisions of those we know, companies must engage their customers online in a whole new way. Companies that don’t will see customers slip away as they no longer pay attention the channels they are used to using.

Today, companies must understand that the consumer now shares ownership of their brand. Using numerous case studies, Qualman describes how a business can and should use social media to become more relevant.

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