Annoyance, not curiosity, killed the cat

Posted by Adam

Don’t let their cuteness fool you. These cats are the devil in disguise.

How could such adorable creatures be the devil? Simple. I’m convinced it’s their goal in life to make sure I don’t get a peaceful night of sleep. These cats sleep all day preparing for their nightly mission of keeping me awake.

Voodoo decides that once 1 a.m. rolls around that it’s appropriate to paw at the blinds, causing them to swing and hit each other. This is louder than it seems – especially in a quiet apartment. Yelling doesn’t stop him. Water doesn’t stop him. He continues. So in order to let my roommate get some sleep, I will lock the two of them in my room. Voodoo continues to bat at the blinds. I sleep with the water bottle so I can spray him, but it’s a game to him.

Because the door is closed, he’ll scratch at that once growing tired of the blinds. It’s ridiculous. Last night I was minutes away from finding a cage and throwing him in it. I don’t think he realizes how important it is that I get a good night of sleep. Waking up every 20 minutes isn’t good. I’m completely frustrated with my lack of rest and I’m mad at him for keeping me up.

Seven isn’t innocent either. When she decides that she wants to be cuddled, watch out. It’s important to her that she make me uncomfortable by sticking her paws in my face, sneezing on me or kneading the back of my head.

Why won’t my cats let me sleep?

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